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Laura posting!

I think when you have a chronic illness, you appreciate ‘little moments’ more. So, here’s one I just experienced that I’d like to share with you.

I was working doing my counselling/NLP/hypnotherapy. My client is sitting in the chair to my left, I’m teaching him an acupressure technique for subconscious healing. He’s holding the acupressure points while I am reading out the healing statements he is to focus his mind on.

Dark, gloomy clouds gather overhead. Rain begins to tumble down, pattering at first on the glass roof- moments later, a cacophony. I watch it bouncing off the tiles of the bungalow roof at the bottom of the garden. Shards of sunlight appear through a break in the clouds- overhead glints a rainbow.

As my client reaches the final healing statement the rain stops. There is profound silence, almost breathless. Almost like the weather knew… was pouring down as he moved through his grief- silenced as he found his peace.

The rainbow glimmers overhead in the sky- perhaps a sign. After every storm, there is the rainbow. The light always shines through in the end. The silence, peace, holding us in comfort. We sigh.