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Laura Posting. Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!

So. Attitude.
This is something that has been going through my mind on and off, at times without me consciously realising it. I’ve always been a positive person, but at times seeing what dysautonomia can do to people, it’s bloody frightening!

I count myself incredibly lucky that I can still walk (for miles) and lead a relatively normal life on the surface. Even though I have to handle pain and fatigue and various other symptoms in order to do so, I can handle that. Some people don’t get that choice. Some people can’t walk or even stand up. That must be terrifying, heart breaking and so terribly frustrating. I don’t know how I would deal with that. I HOPE I’d deal with it how I’ve dealt with every adversity in my life- with inner strength, determination to fight and improve and, failing that, determination to be as happy and positive as possible, no matter what.

That’s what I find so inspirational about many of the new ‘POTSy’ friends I have made. They have it much worse than I do, symptoms wise. But they are ALL so positive, such an inspiration to me and to others.

So what all this got me thinking was this: no matter what POTS/dysautonomia does to our bodies- even to our minds with the dreaded brain fog- it CANNOT change our attitude in how we deal with it. Of course, it’s only natural to get fed up, dispirited, anxious and depressed at times. That’s all part and parcel of dealing with a chronic illness. BUT- it doesn’t have to be that way always. We can build up an inner strength and spirit. We can determine to look for the silver lining of every cloud.

It was Victor Frankl who said that the last of the human freedoms is choosing our response to what life brings us. When imprisoned in a concentration camp, he noticed those that died soonest were those that had given up hope.

So, no matter what battles we face with dysautonomia, let’s vow to NEVER GIVE UP HOPE.

Because, no matter what happens- life is still beautiful. It’s still out there. We just might have to experience it in different ways than we expected. We might have more hardships to deal with, but that doesn’t make life any less wonderful.

We have the freedom to choose how we respond to dysautonomia. Let’s respond with courage in our hearts and the conviction that no matter what, we will not let it beat us. No matter what, we will see the rainbows through the rain, emerge from the shadows into the sun.

It can only win if we let it. Lets not forget that the body is a temporary dwelling. The spirit is what’s real, true and pure- and dysautonomia can’t touch that, not really. It might seem like it can sometimes, because we’re only human and we do get upset and disheartened. But we can overcome that if we remember- we are more than our bodies. We are amazing beings with a vast capacity to love and to endure. Dysautonomia, whatever it might take away from us, cannot take that away.

I owe thanks to my inspirational POTSy friends and to my amazing boyfriend for fuelling the ideas and feelings in this post. He played me a tape today, Tony Robbins interviewing Norman Cousins about diagnosis, illnesses, health and the attitude of one’s mind. Norman said what we must do is not deny a diagnosis- we can acknowledge that we have something. BUT we can defy the diagnosis. What he meant by that was- realise that we are much more than any illness we might have, and that with the right attitude, we can prevail against it, no matter what.


Liz Posting- First let me thank Laura for creating this great blog where we can all vent & help one another.
Thanks Laura!! 🙂

This logo was created for one purpose. To grab attention and to say screw you to Dysautonomia and the medical community. Actually I guess that was three purposes but you know what I mean. If you are someone afflicted by this condition or who knows someone with it. I think I can speak on behalf of all of us where we have our days where we just want to say FU! Dysautonomia & Ignorant Doctors. Please help to spread the finger for awareness. There is also a Dysautonomia Awareness Petition that is now at over 1,500 signatures!! Please Sign, get your parents to sign, your next door neighbor, or anyone who has a IP address. Here is the link below