Laura posting.

I’ve just started reading “Love, Medicine and Miracles.” (Bernie Siegel).  I’m going to post extracts from it that are inspiring and induce hope- because I believe those things are so important to hold on to for all persons living with an illness.

So, the first one- addressing doctors.

“We must realise the pain people suffer, and redefine our goals. What is healing? Is it a liver transplant or cure of an illness, or is it getting people to have peace of mind and live life at its fullest? I know quadraplegics who can say “Fine” when asked “How are you?” because they have learned to love and give of themselves to the world. They are not denying their physical limitations but rather transcending them.”

So, think about that. Dysautonomia does bring forth all sorts of physical limitations. BUT- you can still live life at its fullest. There might be all sorts of things you cannot do, as there are all sorts of things a quadraplegic cannot do. But you can still love- you can still find joy, you can have a life worth living- despite your physical limitations.

The only question is- will you choose to? And if so, how will you choose to transcend your physical limitations? Will you be like Colleen (in the previous post) and be determed that you WILL do something, no matter what it takes? Will you be like Kyli,  Leah, Shannon, Gwen and Paige- reaching out to others to spread awareness, friendship and hope? Will you be like Michelle who writes a deliciously funny and popular blog all about life with dysauotonomia? Or like Lyla who is so determinedly raising awareness and reaching out to others in the spirit of friendship? What will you do to make a difference to yourself, to stand up- maybe not always physically- but emotionally and mentally- for yourself and your life? Because dysautonomia or not, you still have one.

The fact that you are ill may never change- but your attitude can. Will you choose to be a victim or a victor of your illness? I know which I’d rather be…