This blog exists for its users to submit articles, pictures and writings related to dysautonomia and what it’s like to live with. The sentiment behind it is that we have all suffered in silence, now- together- we have a voice.

To me, it seems tragic that there exists an illness so debilitating that it can attack the vital workings of the body and yet it’s not even been heard of by many people- including many medical professionals.

Whatever we, the sufferers can do to get the word out so that people don’t have to go on suffering the ignorance out there about dysautonomia, we will aim to do. This blog is one of the ways of doing so.

We are DARING to speak out about what it can be like to actually live with dysautonomia and have to put up with all the ignorance and misunderstanding about it. Dysautonomia Awareness is Rarely Experienced outside of the circle of people who are suffering with it. If we can work together to get the word out, to get the medical professionals to take notice, to help our friends and loved ones to understand what it’s like for us, then Dysautonomia Awareness can be Really Experienced.

That is what DARE is all about.

So, scroll down and read our blog posts, or click on the tabs along the top to take you to pages containing further information.  Link to us, and spread the word about this site to raise Dysautonomia Awareness!


The DARE team ~

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